To satisfy fully the needs of our clients, through optimal quality advice; rendered in an integral, efficient, timely manner and with international quality standards. We are a group of professionals with a renewed vision. We are focused on solving the concerns of our clients and answering their questions, about the organizational, financial, legal and accounting issues; in a clear, concise and useful way.


We are in pursuit of the peace of mind of our clients, adapting to their needs and placing at their disposal all of our knowledge and experience,  through teams that work with them, providing a close, direct and totally reliable service to guarantee their satisfaction with the work contracted.


SVAR is a group of companies that seeks the protection and full development of the client and their legal concerns as they may have at the moment of launching the entrepreneurship of their dreams.

We are a group of avant-garde professionals specialized in several areas of the national and international market.

Our ambition is to fully comply with the client, motivating him to carry out his projects in a strategic way through an integral care. Or helping you solve problems that can be presented in a personal or professional way.


We manage each business venture and each of our clients based on a set of 5 essential values that we cultivate and that guide us.


 We facilitate the work of our clients and we examine the best options so that they reach their business vision.


 We face the truth with facts and deliver plain solutions to cultivate trust.


 We know there is a story behind each company, there is a reason for their situation, so we do not judge, we work together and we strive with objectivity.


 We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, we understand them and then we make our propositions.


 We know that only commitment makes dreams come true, as unlikely and unattainable as it may seem.

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Quito: Eloy Alfaro N35-09 y Portugal, Edificio Millenium Plaza, Oficinas 201-202

Guayaquil: Ciudad del Río, Solar 8-1, Edificio The Point, Piso 20

(593 2) 600 0269



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