SVARLAW was established in 2012 by a group of lawyers with experience in specific areas. With a personalized proposal in customer service based on three principles: quality, efficiency and service.

SVARLAW, is a firm designed and structured to provide a comprehensive legal service that adapts to the needs of customers. Our philosophy includes a personalized and differentiated customer service that has as fundamental pillars the quality of work, speed, personalization, and understanding of the client.


Juan Sebastián Naranjo Tapia

Juan Sebastián Naranjo Tapia

Environmental Law

Lawyer graduated from Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Master of Energy and Resources Law program at the University of Melbourne.

Advisor of Ecuadorian companies for the Management of Environmental Losses and Good Business Practices within the Mining and Oil Industry. Advisor in negotiations of several companies for important acquisitions within the energy and mining industry, being part of negotiation and transfering processes of national and foreign hydroelectric plants. Trained in all phases of the extraction of non-renewable natural resources, has extensive knowledge of the regulatory legal framework of the industry, including the application of guiding principles of environmental law.

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José Miguel Velástegui Andrade

José Miguel Velástegui Andrade

Environmental law

Lawyer by the Universidad Internacional del Ecuador, Specialist in Environmental Law from the University of Belgrano, Argentina.
José Miguel concentrates his practice in Litigation – Litigation with emphasis on Civil and Labor Law issues, as well as in the area of Mining and Environmental Conservation. He has developed his practice as an Advisor and legal representative of several national and multinational companies, in the areas of Aviation, Telecommunications and O & G, in labor area, conflict resolution and environmental law, the latter in processes with communities and before the government authorities.

He has been practicing for 10 years as a littigation attorney, before the ordinary courts as well as arbitration ones.

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Guido A. Palacios Z.

Guido A. Palacios Z.

Compliance y Dispute Resolution

Graduated from the Universidad de las Américas Ecuador. LLM Oral Litigation California Western School of Law. Master in Criminal Justice at the Carlos III University.

Business advisor, on issues of compliance (criminal compliance). Expert in white collar crimes and economic crimes; as well as, in crimes against the public administration (embezzlement, bribery, concussion).

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José Luis Vásconez Donoso

José Luis Vásconez Donoso

Company Law

Lawyer graduated from Universidad de los Hemisferios, Master in Business Law from Universidad de Navarra, Spain. Specialist in Procedural Law from Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar.

Extensive corporate experience, acquired in national and international law firms. Expert business advisor in negotiation, networking, intellectual property, corporate practice and its operations. Lawyer specialized in issues of recovery of past due portfolio.   

Full time professor in the areas of Corporate Law, Civil and Commercial Contracts and Introduction to Law at Universidad de los Hemisferios.


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David Moreno Delgado

David Moreno Delgado

Tax Law

Lawyer graduated from Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Master in Business Administration at the IDE Business School – Universidad de los Hemisferios

Expert in Tax Law certified by the Ecuadorian Association of Accountants. Additionally, he has been certified in management and application of Double Tax.

Treaties awarded by FLACSO (Quito), in International Business Management by the IESE Business School (Madrid) and in Strategic Marketing by the IAE Business School (Buenos Aires).


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Carlos Luis Chacón Almeida

Carlos Luis Chacón Almeida

Lawyer specialized in Corporate Law, Entrepreneurship, Arbitration and Mediation.

Graduated with Honors from the Universidad de los Hemisferios, Ecuador. LLM at Universty of Minnesota Law School.

Business consultant, corporate practice and its operations, constitution, merger, acquisition, dissolution and liquidation, specialized in Commonlaw. Founder of several startups, including Smart Up, a law firm dedicated solely to entrepreneurs.

In the academic field he is a professor of Objects of Law at the Universidad de los Hemisferios

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Oswaldo Efren Quito Fiallos

Oswaldo Efren Quito Fiallos

Tax Law, Corporate Law, Business Law

Lawyer specialized in Tax Law, Corporate Law, Business Law. Lawyer of the Courts and Tribunals of the Republic of Ecuador graduated from Universidad Internacional SEK del Ecuador.

Business advisor, corporate practice and accounting advice. Experience in oral litigation in tax matters, acquired within one of the most prestigious law firms specializing in tax law.


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Environmental Law
The practice of SvarLaw in environmental law focuses on regulatory, administrative and legal aspects. The purpose is to provide comprehensive advice for the correct operation and compliance with current environmental regulations, specifically in matters of Mining, O & G and Health.

Our advice is based on prevention and operation, our team performs a due diligence study to solve problems before they occur or measure the possible risk of the operation as well as sponsorship in administrative processes of regulatory entities such as the MAE, Seccional Governments, etc and / or judicial processes

Energy Law and renewable and non-renewable natural resources
SvarLaw has a department specialized in energy and investment development in this field. We advise mainly the mining, oil and alternative energy sectors (hydroelectric, wind, solar, among others). Our clients are national and international companies.

Our job is to assure our clients in all fields of this industry, whether in the contractual and / or administrative state stage. SvarLaw has the necessary status and prestige to help our clients know and increase their market share. The strategy that is designed has the purpose of reaching the goal of our clients, which can only be achieved with specialists in this field.

Our work reaches international quality indexes, under strict principles that meet the main standards of environmental protection and sustainable development. Our team deals with any type of challenge in this field, be it capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, regulation and administrative law, anti-corruption litigation and arbitration policies.

Within our specialty areas are:

  • Mining Concessions
  • Project negotiations
  • Capital raising
  • Associations and consortiums
  • Feasibility studies
Dispute Resolutions
The lawyers of SvarLaw have extensive experience in conflict resolution, in all phases that comprise the conflict, from direct negotiation between the parties, to the judicial or arbitration process and the creation of strategies that reduce the level of contingency of the companies and the effective resolution of the conflict.


Labor Law
At SvarLaw we provide comprehensive labor advice that includes labor planning, permanent advice for compliance with local regulations, hiring, continuous updating of labor regulations, advice on inspections or requirements of the Ministry of Labor, labor mediation, sponsorship in labor causes.
Corporate Law

As a firm we have vast experience in corporate matters, through our services we advise our clients to provide integral solutions for the proper development of their companies.  We help our clients in the drafting, review and negotiation of commercial agreements, as well Due Diligence, M & A procedures, Corporate Governance Implementation, statutory reforms, advising in operation and management of boards, structuring of trusts, securitization and structuring Agreements of Shareholders.  Other services: • Preparation of protocols in family businesses. • Economic-Family Planning

  • Preparation of protocols in family businesses.
  • Economic-Family Planning


Portfolio Recovery
SvarLaw’s lawyers have extensive experience in portfolio recovery. The company is in charge of recovering the portfolio of important financial institutions in the country.


Real estate law
Svar Law, provides comprehensive advice to improve the acquisition, modification, transmission of real estate. As well as is responsible for the process of lifting horizontal property before the competent authority.


The control of markets and the application of practices that promote perfect competition in it, are state guidelines that must be taken into consideration. Even more so when the business turn responds to a market or special economic niche, which by its nature could lead to practices of unfair competition. The advice is aimed at the implementation of internal policies that allow the company to operate within the legal standards established by the market power control agency.
The firm is qualified to provide both preventive and corrective advice: from the preparation of Due Diligence works, to daily advice, to sponsorship in processes initiated by the state control entity.


Intellectual property:

 We provide advice and specialized support in the field of intellectual property. The firm sponsors its clients in the objection of third-party registries and offers advice for the negotiation, drafting and execution of license agreements, franchising, purchase and sale, among others.

Among the services provided in this area are the following:


  • Copyright
  • Trademark Registration
  • Patents
  • Industrial Secrets
  • Appeal of origin
Stock market

The firm provides stock market advice in two ways: both to the potential investor to find a profitable and desired security; as well as to the company, allowing it to find the most suitable way to its turn and needs, within the emission options allowed in our market. This is how our clients can apply to a series of capitalization processes, such as issuance of obligations, securitizations, stock trading, among others.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Trusts
  • Investment Funds
  • Issuance of Obligations
  • Titling
  • Stock Trading
  • Bonds
Tax Law

At SVARLAW we provide a complete tax advice to our clients. In this way we can provide comprehensive solutions.

Our team of lawyers and accountants specializes in the following areas:

•    Tax Planning

•    International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

•    Accounting & Auditing

•     Accounting Outsourcing

•    Compliance with Tax Obligations

•    Administrative Claims and Tax Litigation


Mining law

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